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December 28, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Brian Fury vs. Anthony Stone from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

Now with first impressions and all that at first glance you kinda worry about what your about to see. The ring doesn’t look great and there is a CZWish vibe about Anthony Stone and Brian Fury.

They always say first impressions can be wrong, and it certainly was in this case.

Our commentator states this is the first meeting between the two, and that they are trainers at the NEPW and RWA promotions.

We start with a little feeling out until Stone has a little shine with a few armdrags, kicks and a springboard flying clothesline. All nicely done with the pace quick.

Things change when he misses a running brush kick on the apron, and Fury drops him with what can only be described as a corkscrew drop onto the apron. Looks suitably nasty and from there the pace slows as Fury works Stone over looking for his Boston Crab. When Stone does try and make a comeback, he’s hit with a great looking popup, sitout powerbomb for two.

Stone does comeback briefly with a corner bulldog and a backdrop into a kick but geta caught on a sunset flip and is made to tap with the Boston Crab.

At just under 10 minutes and with more than enough to entertain, I’d certainly look forward to seeing these two go at it again. If you’ve never seen these two before, it’s well worth going out your way to watch it.


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