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December 25, 2014 / TJ Hawke

KT Hamill vs. Caleb Konley from Empire Wrestling 2014

From Dylan Hales:

On August 7th and 8th the first ever (and hopefully first annual) Scenic City Invitational tournament will be held at the Empire Arena in Rossville, Georgia. 

In an effort to get people excited for this tournament and Southern independent wrestling in general, in the weeks leading up to the event, this blog will be looking at matches from each individual participant in the tourney.  We hope you follow along, enjoy the matches, and find some new favorites along the way. 

For more information on the Scenic City Invitational check out their Facebook page

Post by TJ Hawke

For the first time in the SCI Project, I am taking a look at a match with someone I am completely unfamiliar with. KT Hamill is a name I’ve heard before (and only hear positive things at that), but I have never seen him in action. I am happy to report that he was quite good in this match.

While Hamill is far from an “electric” babyface, he is excellent at timing his comebacks and executing key maneuvers/big spots to get his comeback over. He also displayed some fire late in the match that pleasantly surprised me after some early signs he was not all that expressive.

Speaking of pleasant surprises, Caleb Konley was equally impressive here. He looked far more comfortable outside the confines of CZW buildings and terrible storylines of WWN. His false bravado made him unlikable, but he was able to get over his effectiveness in the ring so that he did not seem like a goof (or kill his credibility in the ring). He did a solid job of working over Hamill, and I particularly loved how he used the biggest spot of the match (apron German on Hamill) to kill Hamill’s comeback.

The finish was not altogether satisfying (Caleb used the ropes for leverage on a pin), but the match was too entertaining to care. With this match, I got a strong first impression of Hamill and a performance that makes me rethink my feelings on Caleb Konley. That is an easy win for me. (***1/2)



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