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December 13, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Tomoya Kawamura vs. Ryota Nakatsu from DDT 2014

Post by Sam DiMasico:

Let’s try and paint a story out of the pre-match video. Ryota Nakatsu is a former legit fighter. Not easy to tell if he was a kickboxer or MMA lad but he was something. Assuming he sucked and is trying his hand at the pro wrestling. Tomoya Kawamura is Blue Pants if Blue Pants was a male undercard worker for DDT. Now let’s hope Kawamura ends up being Blue Pants if Blue Pants was good as well. That’s my DNA pre-match story, feel free to watch and create your own. Oh yeah, DNA is DDT’s baby student shows.

These young kids are not great out of the box thinkers by starting with exchanging wristlocks. Then they start putting in some quality grappling for 30 seconds. Match starts getting kind of boring so let’s talk about fashion. There is a Red vs. Blue thing happening and it works. Kawamura has yellow tassel bands on his arms which works less. Usually not a big fan of kickpads but Nakatsu is really nailing it with them. Feels like Kawamura has been working the most uninspired control segment for a bit now. I like the ideas to be fair but the intensity seems to be not there as much. They are going for the second strike exchange for a transition and they aren’t throwing pure leather. Nakatsu drives Kawamura into the corner and finds himself with his head getting booted in the center of the ring. I just woke up but this thing is making me a bit sleepy. I get that they are young but lower kids on this very card (which I have recapped on this site) have put on more fun stuff. Back to the match I guess. Kawamura locks in a submission that is supposed to work like a full nelson? Goes for a moonsault and misses. Nakatsu goes for a rolling armbar to take advantage. Wait *Watches “10 Ways to Finish the Armbar”* Nakatsu either isn’t going for an armbar or he is lending some credence to the he wasn’t good at MMA theory. Kawamura tries to turn it into a pinning attempt but Nakatsu powers him down and Kawamura has to tap.

Truth be told? This match is a wee bit boring. The stuff I liked, the grappling, was minimized to almost zero importance. Unlike the Hawke (Editor’s note: shots fired), I find it more difficult to elaborate on the bad stuff over the stuff I actually find enjoyable.


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