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December 13, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Suguru Miyatake vs. Kouki Iwasaki from DDT 2014

Post by Sam DiMasico:

Okay, so DNA is the DDT shows for the babies of DDT. I know NOTHING about them. We’re all up to speed now.

Early grappling stuff that is very quick. I could not tell you if it is by design but DDT young lads wearing white trunks instead of black is an of course wonderful thing. They seemed to be striving to put on a basic math and then Miyatake blasts him with a shoulder and we start throwing the STRIKES! Iwasaki starts throwing thunder knees into the sternum but Miyatake is not about that and then they start doing “things” in the corner. By “things” I mean hitting each other but they don’t make me want to watch them hit each other. Something about Miyatake screams rugby fella. Do they have rugby in Japan? Miyatake is repeatedly elbow dropping Iwasaki until he decides to run the ropes and jump for it. Really thought they were going to let Iwasaki get his STUFF in but nope, the cut off was a coming. Iwasaki is fighting for some advantage and finally opens it with a dropkick. The kid is laying it in and of course a meh dropkick is the move that gains momentum. Iwasaki locks in a triangle choke and MIYATAKE GETS HIM UP but Iwasaki slips out. Thought they were gonna have to get the shovels out to dig up Iwasaki out of the mat. Strike exchange time. The match is short so they rush it instead of me wanting to scoop my eyes out. Miyatake is charging up and hits the DREADED SPEAR! Looked like a bit of a flippy spear with OOMPH!

So hey, that was fun for what it was. Iwasaki looked like a quality kid out there throwing some big kicks and knees with tight-ish holes and such. Have a weird desire to see him go to DDT proper full time in a mask. Probably with wings. A mask with wings. One can only assume that Miyatake gets smaller and even shinier trunks. Not much to hate about this match with nothing lasting too long to drive you away.


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