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December 13, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Shunma Katsumata vs. Dai Suzuki from DDT 2014

Post by Sam DiMascio:

Suzuki has a fuchsia singlet and Katsumata has a slick vest with stars. Also manages to slip fuchsia into the wardrobe which is impressive. This is from the first DNA show from DDT.

They open with seemingly pointless chain wrestling because they know no other way of life at this point. Katsumata is super skinny so he’ll run the ropes trying to trick you into thinking he’s the Flash but in reality he’s as fast as Sproles and as fast as Bettis. Suzuki knocks his block off though so we are all good. Suzuki starts wrenching the poor lad’s arm and it is great. Mr.Fuchsia is coming off like a real prick and I adore him. Katsumata tries chopping but Suzuki will be the one doing the CHOPPIN’! Suzuki starts doing less ouch-y looking holds which doesn’t please me. Katsumata tries showing his inner fire but Suzuki stiffs him with a beefy forearm. GIANT SWING! Suzuki locks in the Boston Crab but Katsumata screams his way to the ropes. Katsumata fines an opening and starts throwing a bunch of dropkicks of varied levels of beauty. Suzuki catches the wily individual in an octopus stretch! Katsumata DDTs his way out of a suplex and it looks bad. Everyone was confused. Can’t tell if Suzuki is really bad at taking offense or Katsumata is just bad. Either way, Katsumata hits a springboard X-Factor onto Suzuki and I cry. Meh!

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