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December 13, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Shunma Katsumata & Suguru Miyatake vs. Kazusada Higuchi & Ryota Nakatsu from DDT 2014

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

This is the main event to the first DNA show from DDT. These are the four winners from the four earlier matches. Normally I would probably think this is a silly thing since there aren’t any stakes at hand but these are the young kids so working a main event and getting a second opportunity to shine might as well be a big reason to win the first match. Hope Higuchi throws a few dropkicks.

Katsumata and Nakatsu start off for their respective teams and Nakatsu with a quick takedown early. WE’VE GOTTA GATOR ROLL! If you are going to do an obligatory chain wrestling ection you might as well have a gator roll thrown in there. Nakatsu is bringing the deepest of armdrags. Miyatake and Higuchi are now in. The exchange chops which does not make Miyatake look like a smart man. The absolute thud of Higuchi’s massive hand. Miyatake throws on a headlock like the n00b he is. The big fellas just start crashing into each other and it is truly grand with Higuchi winning the exchange. Higuchi puts Nakatsu on his shoulders as he steps on Miyatake’s abdomen! Nakatsu locks in a weird submission. Katsumata tags in and taunts Higuchi cause he’s dumb. Higuchi ain’t down for the trolling and KATSUMATA BLASTS HIGUCHI WITH FOREARMS! It hurts my heart to see that tiny wimp take it to the lovely Higuchi. Katsumata is really not treating Nakatsu with much respect as he throws kicks at the head of his downed opponent. Fancy butterfly submission that probably has a name from Katsumata. Nakatsu tries kicking his way into an advantageous position but a stellar dropkick from Katsumata ends that pretty quickly. Nakatsu kicks his way free of Miyatake and the great man known as Kazusada Higuchi comes in to clear house. BIG MAN DROPKICK! Is it dusty in here? Miyatake trying to show he’s not a wimp and exchanges chops but just when he thinks he knows the answer, Higuchi changes the question with a headbutt. Double team offense from the Red&Black Squad. Miyatake gets a hold of Nakatsu and tosses him over head after it looked like the cjoke was coming. Nakatsu springs out of the corner, scrambles, and locks in the guillotine choke! It is broken up though. Miyatake with a very airy elbow. Higuchi and Katsumata are in the ring and it is joyous. Katsumata is bringing the kicks and taking the big man off his feet. It doesn’t last long so Katsumata tries going to the top but is met with a palm. Miyatake attempts to save his partners life but has his spear caught! Higuchi chops away Katsumata like he was a fly! Miyatake is able to stop a suplex and turns it into his own. Higuchi catches Katsumata off a springboard! Katsumata pushes Higuchi into the turnbuckle for a nearfall! Katsumata goes for a roll through pin for two! Katsumata goes for it again but Higuchi picks him up and launches him face first into the corner! Higuchi is going sumo! Three-Point Stance Shoulder Strike! NEARFALL! Higuchi puts Katsumata on his shoulder and turns it into a very quirky chokeslam. That is all she wrote.

If you learn anything from this match, let it be that Higuchi is not NOAH’s savior but our savior. Not many wrestlers come off like truly imposing forces in this day in age but Higuchi seems to pull it off with ease. The sound of his chops may very well haunt my dreams. He and Katsumata seemed to be carrying the match in order to deliver the fun. Miyatake and Nakatsu weren’t bad but they didn’t quite pop like those two.


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