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December 13, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Kazusada Higuchi vs. Kouta Umeda from DDT 2014

Post by Sam DiMascio:

Another DNA1 matchup. Higuchi is a mini-clone of Hong-man Choi possibly and Umeda is every junior wrestler you have seen. I don’t understand Japanese but based on a pre-match video I’m going to say Higuchi used to be a sumo wrestler but then went all Jared on life. Or he got a disease? I couldn’t tell you.

Umeda starts by hitting kicks from a distance as Higuchi looks like a sloth. They HIT THE MAT…and it isn’t exciting. Neither man will be confused with Sakuraba or Minoru Suzuki anytime soon. Higuchi has a schoolyard bully look to him as he applies his holds. Probably just his face though. Okay, now Higuchi looks like he is trying to twist off an ibuprofen container but forgot you have to push down first. Umeda’s head is the cap. Umeda starts throwing them kicks to boot Higuchi out of the ring then with the graceful plancha. Umeda with a running kick to the corner aimed right at the pectoral muscle. It isn’t even the middle of the chest. It is the nipple. Dude’s an asshole. Higuchi has had it and starts HOSSING all over him. Like a good young lad he throws on the Boston Crab. Hey everyone. I think I’m falling in love. I ❤ Higuchi and his murderous face. UMEDA WITH A SERIES OF SURPRISE PINS FOR NEARFALLZ! And BACKHANDSPRING NIPPLE KICK! Heh, Umeda tries kicking Higuchi who tells him to get the heck out. Great strike exchange from the young kids! Umeda with the nasty kicks and Higuchi with the chops. Higuchi asks for strike, grabs it, and HEADBUTTS UMEDA! Higuchi is my spirit animal. Lightning strikes from Umeda for a nearfall. Umeda goes for the running corner kick again BUT HIGUCHI GRABS HIM! How great is Higuchi? Can’t get in position for a powerbomb so he just launches the small fellow halfway across the ring. Higuchi with the corner lariat and immediately gets in his sumo taunt for his charging shoulder. Wonderful finish with Higuchi doing a some sort of Mortal Kombat death shoulder submission. Or the MKDSS as I like to call it.

Did not think I was going to enjoy this that much. After the seemingly obligatory chain section they developed some wonderful characters. Kouta Umeda is your spunky, kick addicted junior heavyweight who doesn’t willingly back down from anybody. Kazusada Higuchi plays the role of someone who was bullied in school but starts working out, finds a job working security and often finds himself instigating fights with citizens as an outlet for his anger and new found strength. Classic roles. I get into Umeda tenfold if he sells his beatings more. Though it probably works out to be pretty 50/50, it felt like once Higuchi found his rhythm that he was a FORCE! I’m also willing to not care so much about it because Higuchi is beautiful.


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