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November 30, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Scott Henson from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

Henson does not respond well to Sanchez calling him a pussy, using his claws to scratch Sanchez’s eyes and back. Sanchez pulls him to the corner by his tail for a running hip attack and a bulldog. The Shiney Hiney gets an early two count. Sanchez wraps Henson’s tail around his boot before putting on a Muta Lock. He releases but holds onto the tail which he bends and contorts. Sanchez places the tail onto a chair, then uses another chair to crush the tail! Henson tries getting a few shots, but Sanchez uses a dragonscrew tail whip to stop him. Sanchez misses a moonsault. Henson slams him into a rolling senton. He uses his tail to choke Sanchez. He asks for a spray bottle. Somebody off screen passes it to him. Sanchez is almost passed out, but after his arm drops twice, Sanchez sprays the water into Henson’s face to break the hold. He sprays more water in his face until delivering a dropkick to send Sanchez to the floor. Sanchez follows with a tope con hilo. Sanchez goes to the top rope. Henson is able to cratch him on the top rope and rakes his face multiple times. He goes for a superplex. Sanchez bites Henson’s face, then trips him so that Henson is hanging in a tree of woe. Bootiez 4 Breakfast gets Sanchez the win at 5:47.

This is exactly what you’d expect, but Sanchez’s personality really made this comedy match work. They also kept it short, which is for the best. *

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You can read more of his Beyond Wrestling reviews at Pro Wrestling Ponderings.


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