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November 30, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Garden State Gods (Eric Corvis & Myke Quest) vs. M1nute Men (Devin Blaze & Tommy Trainwreck) from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

The Gods pound on the M1nute Men, but they’re able to send Corvis to the floor and lay out Quest with tandem superkicks. Blaze pump kicks Corvis into a suplex from Trainwreck to the floor. Blaze then is assisted by Trainwreck with a tope con hilo onto Corvis. Quest superkicks Blaze. Corvis from the ring also superkicks him. Corvis drops Trainwreck on his buttocks, then back splashes through him into a splash onto Blaze on the floor. Quest slingshots in with a double stomp onto Trainwreck. Trainwreck backs Quest to the corner where Blaze gives him an enzuigiri. Blaze then dropkicks Quest into a Complete Shot into the corner from Trainwreck. Quest kicks out Blaze’s leg, causing Blaze to crash onto the ring apron. Trainwreck kicks Corvis in the head and looks for an apron suplex. Instead, Quest stomps Trainwreck into an apron neckbreaker from Corvis. Trainwreck is brought into the ring and kicks out at two. After some manuevering, Corvis kicks Trainwreck, who retaliates with a rolling lariat. Quest lays out Blaze with a pair of clotheslines and a neckbreaker. He nails a leg lariat for two. Quest resists an O’Connor Roll, but takes a back elbow and clothesline. He spikes Quest with a tornado DDT. Quest boots Blaze as he runs towards him. Trainwreck crotches Quest on the top rope. Quest pulls him down, but Blaze kicks him. Corvis is then suplexed by Blaze onto Quest who hangs upside down in Trainwreck’s legs. Corvis backdrops Blaze to the floor. He uppercuts Trainwreck into a Gory Bomb from Quest. Blaze comes off the top turnbuckle. He’s met with a boot from Corvis. Corvis gives him a Traper Keeper Bomb onto Quest’s knee. A double suplex leads to a reverse curbstomp by Quest. Trainwreck breaks the pin. Blaze kicks Quest into a wheelbarrow from Trainwreck. Blaze double stomps Corvis into a wheelbarrow suplex from Trainwreck for two. The M1nute Men assault Quest with kicks in the corner. Corvis comes in with an Ace Crusher to Trainwreck. Quest powers up Blaze into a tandem Ace Crusher with Corvis. Trainwreck breaks the pin and pitches Corvis to the floor. Blaze spikes Corvis in a half nelson suplex. He then gives Quest a lungblower into a half-nelson facebuster from Trainwreck. Corvis breaks the pin., He places Blaze on Trainwreck’s shoulders then pulls him down into a headlock driver to take out Trainwreck. The Rikishi Driver from Corvis on Blaze earns the pin at 8:55.

This was car crash wrestling with lots of hard strikes, throws, and a couple of dives. You could argue about the psychology, but given that this planted the seeds for the grudge between the Beyond Originals and Crusade for Change I felt it wasn’t terribly bothersome. It was a fun match, the crowd was into it, and it showcased the best of both teams. **¾

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