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November 30, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Garden State Gods (Eric Corvis & Myke Quest) vs. Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

Bomb and Corvis trade side headlocks and headscissors on the mat. Quest and Lee exchange wristlocks. Quest kicks Lee away when she goes for his ankle. He resists her running shoulder blocks. She sends Quest to the apron. Quest knocks her down with a forearm and slingshots in with a double stomp. Corvis gives her three consecutive chinbreakers before Quest dropkicks Lee into a DDT from Corvis. Lee gets in her own chinbreaker on Corvis. Shee kicks Corvis into a chinbreaker from Bomb. Lee follows up with a bicycle kick and Bomb pins Corvis for two. She puts on Cattle Mutilation. Corvis slips out, crawls through Bomb’s legs, and tags in Quest. Quest is met with a dropkick from Bomb after he jumps in. She forearms Corvis on the second turnbuckle. However, Quest holds her in a neckbreaker position and Corvis frog splashes onto Bomb into that neckbreaker for two. Bomb gets in two superkicks to Quest. Lee throws chops to both of the GSG upon tagging in. Corvis cuts her off with his own chop. Lee hops over Corvis and drops him with a Yoshi Tonic. Quest breaks the pin. He pump-handles Lee into a sit-out powerbomb. Bomb breaks the pin. She muscles up Quest for a Death Valley Driver. Corvis breaks the pin. He swings Bomb from a side slam position into an Ace Crusher. Lee rocks Corvis with forearms and a kick to the head. She takes down Quest with a swinging Frankensteiner. Bomb tags in as Lee wipes out Corvis with a suicide dive. Corvis shoves Lee into the ring post. Lee stops Corvis’ offense and German suplexes him on the floor! She comes in the ring. Quest throws Lee into Bomb. Lee and Quest get in a forearm exchange. Bomb gives Quest a Code Breaker into a German suplex from Lee! Corvis shoves Bomb off of Quest to stop the pin. Corvis gives Lee the Trapper Keeper bomb. He blocks Bomb’s lungblower. The GSG give her a tandem Michinoku Driver for the pin at 11:30.

This suffered from a quiet crowd. Like their match against the Crusade for Change, Lee and Bomb looked good hanging with a larger, more established team (in Beyond, anyways). The GSG are better suited for the other three teams in the finals and Bomb took the fall, so it was put together perfectly. A hotter crowd and this would have been really something, but as it stands it was still a fun tag match. **½

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