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November 29, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Ninjas With Attitude (Shynron & Kitsune) vs. EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

After trading wristlocks, Draztik throws Kitsune to the mat out of a waistlock. Kitsune catches him with a Frankensteiner, to which Draztik responds by coming off the second rope with an alita. We reach a stalemate with stereo dropkicks. Ortiz shoulder blocks Shynron and gives him a hip swivel. Shynron cartwheels out of a headscissors attempt. He headstands and backflips into his own headscissors to send Ortiz to the floor. He looks to dive but Draztik cuts him off with a knee to the stomach. He dropkicks Shynron when Shynron tries a back handspring maneuver. Kitsune uses the middle rope for a satellite headscissors. He pescado’s into EYFBO who catch him. Shynron assists with a tumbleweed senton off the ring post. In the ring, Shynron goes for the back handspring Ace Crusher. Ortiz catches him, but Kitsune assists Shynron with a standing Shiranui. He then kicks Ortiz into a standing moonsault from Shynron. Ortiz sends NWA to the floor. EYFBO come out with a tope con hilo to Shynron and a suicide dive onto Kitsune. Ortiz brings Shynron back in the ring. Shynron fights him off with an enzuigiri, but Draztik runs in with a boot to the face to keep him from tagging out. Kitsune nails a 540 kick on Draztik. Ortiz forearm strikes Kitsune to the corner and whips him across. He follows in with an uppercut. He dropkicks Kitsune in the side of the head and drops him with a sit-out powerbomb for two. Ortiz misses a twisting splash. Shynron hits one of his own. NWA land stereo standing shooting star presses on Ortiz but Draztik is able to break the cover. Kitsune takes a flurry of kicks Draztik. He then powerbombs Kitsune, picks him up for an Overbomb, then finishes the sequence with a piledriver. Shynron dives in to make the save at the last second. He then spikes Draztik with a reverse Frankensteiner for two. He sets up for the Spirit Bomb but Ortiz cuts him off. Kitsune enzugiri’s Ortiz to the floor. Shynron hits a 450 splash. Kitsune then lands a shooting star press. Ortiz breaks the cover. Ortiz pops Shynron into a Canadian Destroyer from Draztik. Kitsune is there to stop the pin. EYFBO look for a powerbomb/back cracker combo. Kitsune takes out Ortiz with a kick from the apron. Shynron counters Draztik’s powerbomb with a Frankensteiner onto Kitsune’s knees. Draztik goes to the floor. Shynron wipes him out with a pescado over the ring post. Ortiz and Kitsune trade forearm strikes. Ortiz gives him a fireman’s carry backbreaker. He carries him on his shoulders. Shynron crossbody’s in, causing Kitsune to drop Ortiz with a crucifix driver for the pin at 10:49.

I think the ending suffered from too many kick outs and broken pinfalls. However, the action was exciting and excellent. EYFBO got to a show a little more ferociousness, which may have been an inadvertent tease for their membership in Team Pazuzu, and it piqued my interest. This was very good overall. ***

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