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November 29, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Ninjas With Attitude (Shynron & Kitsune) vs. Cam-An Connection (Cam Zagami & Anthony Greene) from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford:

Cam-An want hugs to start. Kitsune gets confused and kicks Zagami in the chest!Green forearms Kitsune, so Shynron takes Greene to the corner with a spin kick. Kitsune Tiger walks up Greene. Shynron hops off his back for a Frankensteiner. NWA hit stereo shooting star presses for two. Kitsune comes off the second rope with a satellite headscissors and a dropkick. Zagami breaks the pin and stomps away at Kitsune. Cam-An double hip toss Kitsune into stereo dropkicks. Zagami drives Kitsune’s back into the corner and snapmares him into a pin attempt. Zagami drop toe holds Kitsune into an elbow drop to the back of the head from Greene. Cam spells out his own name before landing a jumping elbow drop. Greene misses his elbow drop after stating his initials. Kitsune yakuza kicks Greene, hops over Zagami, and tags in Shynron. He double backflips into a Pele kick to Green. Shynron then front flips into a clothesline on Zagami. He lands a flip legdrop on Zagami for two. Greene knee strikes Shynron from the apron. Shynron however shoves Zagami into Greene sending Greene to the floor. He hits Zagami with a tiger feint kick and a slingshot neckbreaker. Shynron climbs the ropes but Greene crotches him. Kitsune misses a dive. Zagami and Greene hold hands as they deliver stereo suicide dives. Shynron back handspring kicks them to the floor. Kitsune suicide dives onto them. Shynron follows with a corkscrew splash. Kitsune throws a flurry of kicks at Greene, ending with an enzuigiri. Shynron drops him with a back handspring Ace Crusher. Zagami breaks the cover. Shynron wheelbarrows up into Zagami’s arms. This backfires, as Greene springs back off the second ropes into an Ace Crusher on Shynron. Zagami then lifts him up into a German suplex. Kitsune saves Shynron from being pinned. Can-Am give Kitsune a back cracker/Complete Shot combo for two. Shynron sends Greene to the apron. Zagami grabs Shynron’s leg. Kitsune enzuigiri’s Greene off the apron as Shynron enzuigiri’s Zagami. Shynron then hits a 450 splash and Kitsune follows up with a 450 splash for the pin at 7:31.

NWA were an instant hit with their exciting offense. Zagami and Greene have a lot of character and some great tandem offense to boot. They had a tough task hanging with Shynron and Kitsune but did an admiral job. This was fun. **¾  

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