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November 29, 2014 / Kevin Ford

EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) vs. Team Friendship (Scotty Slade & Mark Shurman) from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

Shurman enjoys EYFBO’s antics. He and Ortiz shake hands but don’t let go right away. This reminds Ortiz of the “Beat It” music video where the dance fight had weapons. Each guy retrieves hammers and they dance to “Beat It” (not heard in the video for copyright reasons) and re-create that fight. Slade and Draztik stop the fight. Slade shows Shurman and Ortiz that they tape their wrists together in the video, demonstrating by taping him and Draztik together. Shurman pulls tape out of his tights and tapes Slade’s other arm to Ortiz. EYFBO pummel Slade, throw him into Shurman, then double back drop Slade which breaks them all free from the tape prison. Draztik suicide dives onto Shurman. Ortiz Northern Lights suplexes Slade for two. Ortiz slams Slade and Draztik hits a moonsault off of Ortiz’s back for two. Slade back elbows Ortiz into a clothesline from Shurman, allowing Friendship to take control and wear down Ortiz. Ortiz catches Slade coming off the top with a boot from the apron. Slade reels for a long while before falling down. Draztik runs wild with clothesline upon being tagged in. He ducks a double clothesline and comes off the second rope with a double Blockbuster. EYFBO set up for a Doomsday Device which Slade fight out of. Shurman tosses Ortiz out. He backdrops Draztik into a neckbreaker from Slade. Draztik kicks out. Shurman accidentally clotheslines Slade. Ortiz comes off the top with a dropkick to Shurman. Shurman rolls to the floor. leaving Slade to take a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo from EYFBO, pinning him at 10:34.

These two teams have big personalities, which they exuded at the beginning of the match before turning it into a rock solid tag team match. I think that formula worked well and EYFBO were the right team to go over. **½

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