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November 29, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Donovan Dijak vs. Mikey Webb from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford:

This is Dijak’s debut with Beyond, months before he won the Ring of Honor Top Prospect Tournament. It is also a New England Pro Wrestling academy showcase.

The larger Dijak enjoys holding control early on. He rips off the tassel covered wrist bands off of Webb who claims to be fueled by those tassels. Dijak puts on one of the tassels. Webb angrily kicks Dijak in the face. Dijak hops over a Webb out of the corner. He snaps off a couple armdrags and a dropkick, embracing his inner babyface as he wears the tassel. Dijak wheelbarrow armdrags Webb to the floor. Dijak follows with a Fosbury Flop! With Dijak celebrating, Webb recovers and chokeslams Dijak on the floor! Webb now imagines himself as a big man as he bodyslams Dijak back in the ring. Webb whips Dijak to the corner. Dijak takes a Flair flip, but crashes to the floor instead of landing on his feet. Dijak comes in with a slingshot sunset flip. Webb breaks it. He goes for a sit-down splash but misses. Dijak ducks a boot and lands a high crossbody. Webb tosses Dijak to the floor to stop the pin. Back in the ring, Webb takes Dijak over with a delayed vertical suplex for two. Dijak fights his way off of Webb’s shoulders and clobbers him with a superkick. The tassel falls off of Dijak’s wrist, snapping him out of his babyface trance. Webb puts the tassel on, and the roles are back to how the match began. Webb nails Dijak with a series of flying forearms, a dropkick, and an enzuigiri. Webb takes him off of his feet with a high crossbody for two. Webb ducks a punch and drives his knee into Dijak’s face. He runs the ropes looking for a Frankensteiner. Dijak counters mid-air with a sit-out powerbomb. Webb kicks out. A back cracker goes amiss, so Webb goes for a Shiranui. Dijak stops the move and places Webb on the ring apron. As Webb ascends the ropes, Dijak cracks him in the head with a kick. Feast Your Eyes only earns Dijak a two count. Webb fights out of a second Feast Your Eyes and successfully pulls off the Shiranui. He superkicks Dijak into a reverse Rough Ryder for the pin at 12:44.  

I really, really enjoyed the role reversal these guys did. It was creative, came off as being organic, and felt unique. So much so that when they switched back to their normal personas, they lost some steam. I know he wasn’t as big of a deal here, but seeing Webb kick out of Feat Your Eyes and defeat Dijak is quite odd in retrospect. Either way, I enjoyed this, but it could have been a tighter package overall. **½

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