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November 29, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Colin Delaney, Jay Freddie & Pepper Parks vs. Mike Bailey, Mathieu St. Jacques & Buxx Belmar from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

It’s a battle of Upstate New York vs. Montreal. Parks seems up for a test of strength, until Belmar licks and spits in his hands. Parks instead grabs a waistlock. Belmar rubs his gross hands on Parks’ hands to escape. Parks resists a snapmare and avoids being spit on. He gives Belmar a facebuster into the spit. Delaney picks up the pace with Belmar. He kicks Belmar away to avoid having spit rubbed in his face. He takes over Belmar with an armdrag and calf kick. He and Jacques pummel one another. Jacques takes him down with an STo and comes off the second rope with a knee drop. Freddie’s running shoulder blocks do not phase Jacques, but one shoulder block from Jacques takes Freddie down. Freddie leapfrogs and drops down before catching Jacques with a dropkick. He sends Jacques out with a Saito suplex. Bailey uses the ropes to take down Freddie with a headscissors. Bailey cartwheels off the top but Freddie stops his momentum with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. All six men strike one another, ending with Bailey catching Freddie mid-air with a kick. Jacques release German suplexes Freddie into the Penis Attack from Belmar. Team Montreal gets in a few shots. Freddie is able to take down Jacques and Belmar with a dropkick off the top. Parks mauls Jacques with a corner splash and then suplexes him into the corner. Delaney holds Jacques so Freddie can crack him with a running boot. Jacques takes back control when he DDT’s Parks and Delaney at the same time. Bailey lights up Freddie with repeated kicks to the shoulders and head. He catches Park mid air with a moonsault. He lands a corkscrew standing shooting star press. Freddie breaks the pin. Bailey resists a Tiger Driver. Both Jacques and Belmar try to intervene but get sent outside. Delaney and Parks both kick Bailey, allowing Freddie to hit the Tiger Driver on Bailey for two. Jacques drives Delaney in the corner with an Alabama Slam. He then slams Parks onto Delaney. Belmar gives Freddie a double knees gutbuster, landing on Delaney. Delaney kicks out of their pin attempt. A Tower of Doom sees Parks powerbomb Jacques and Belmar. Freddie lands a Diamond Dust on Jacques. Delaney comes in with the 12 Large Elbow. Jacques kicks out, so Parks gives him the Golden Gate Swing. Bailey stops the pin. Bailey spin kicks Delaney in the head sending him to the floor. Jacques dives onto Feddie and Delaney on the floor. Belmar gives Parks a lung blower. Bailey hits a shooting star knee drop onto Parks’ back onto Belmar’s knees for the pin at 10:48.

This would fit right in as a showcase match at a Fete Music show. It was fast paced, action packed, and quite crazy in all the right ways. Fans of a Dragon Gate style multi man would appreciate this. ***¼

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