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November 29, 2014 / Kevin Ford

Buxx Belmar vs. Scott Henson from Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 3:16

Post by Kevin Ford

Henson has tiger like gear on. Belmar sneezes and spits in his hands before asking for a test of strength. Henson is torn. Belmar puts his hands in his armpits, buttocks, and crotch for extra grossness. Henson licks his paws and accepts the lock up. Belmar bites Henson in the neck. Henson avoids a corner attack. He rakes Belmar’s chest and gives him a back elbow. He slams him into a flip senton for one. Belmar escapes a chinlock by rubbing his hand on his balls and then Henson’s face. Belmar misses a running crossbody and rolls to the floor. Belmar brings Henson down neck first on the top rope. He baits Henson into a legdrop across the middle rope. Belmar drops a couple cigarettes into a bottle of water. He takes a swig and comes into the ring. Henson guzzles him into a small package. Belmar spits the dirty water into Henson’s face. He hits the Penis Attack and drives his knees into Henson’s stomach. Henson gets his shoulders up but barely. He licks the bottom of Henson’s boot, which even grosses Belmar out. Henson kicks Belmar from the mat. He licks Belmar’s boot which also grosses him out. Belmar overhand chops Henson to the corner. He places Belmar on the top rope and back rakes him with his claws. A couple knees to the stomach get Henson a two count. Belmar pokes Henson in the eyes and kicks out his legs before driving his dick into his face. Henson wants a German suplex. Belmar kicks him low. He calls for the Shining Penis Attack. Henson stops him with an atomic drop and bits Belmar in the dick! He buckle bombs Belmar. After a gutbuster he drops Belmar off his shoulders into a backbreaker. Belmar kicks out. He bites Henson’s arm to avoid a clothesline. Henson bites Belmar in the neck. Belmar lands a running knee strike in the corner. A top rope legdrop gets Belmar the win in 7:37.

There’s a certain type of person who will like this match, and you know already whether or not that person is you.

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