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November 21, 2014 / petersmu2014

Anthony Stone vs. Shynron from XWA 2014

Post by Murray Peterson:

While I have come to learn that not everyone one loves the underdog that is Anthony Stone, we can all agree Hardcore Jesus is a great nickname. Shynron has truly come into his own as a high flyer and has innovated a lot of offence as of late, such as his diagonal coast to coast. Commentary as always is brought to us by Denver Colorado, the man, not the place.

Match starts off with the regular trade of hammer and wrist locks. Both men put their agility on display, but obviously Shynron comes out on top. Pins are traded between opponents before Shynron blasts Stone with a dropkick and takes control. Stone ends up on the end of some offence from the Spirit Dragon but catches Shynron off guard and nails a double stomp to the back. Stone works Shynron over in the corner with some strikes and a corner bulldog. Shynron gets back into the match with a slingshot neckbreaker. Stone pops Shynron up into the air but gets sent through the ropes with a potentially botched arm drag. If it was a a mistake, it was well covered up. Shynron catches Stone with a handspring Pele kick, and nails a dive. Great looking Arabian moonsault from Stone, keeping things even. Shynron somehow ends up laying across the top turnbuckle and Stone nails a senton, followed up by a fireman’s carry spinebuster. Only for two. Shynron catches stone with a cutter and a corkscrew lionsault. Only two for his flurry as well. Botched poisoned rana from Shynron and then a very sloppy attempt at a phoenix splash. Stone rolls up Shynron after getting his knees up for the win.

Nothing sucks the air out of a match like a botched up ending. While I am confident that the plan always was for there to be a roll up off the knees and for Stone to win in his home New England, it came after two very obvious mistakes by Shynron. This match featured a lot of the good stuff you would expect from both guys, as it is a showcase, and we get to see the fun of Shynron and the grit from Stone. This match serves best for those of are unfamiliar with Anthony Stone or Shynron but for the rest of us it can be a pass. There certainly is nothing wrong, but also nothing standout either.


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