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November 15, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Yuki Ishikawa vs. Sansyu from BATTLE ARTS 2014

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

This is the first match to my knowledge of Yuki Ishikawa since becoming a trainer at Santino’s gym in Canada. Very much wish we saw more from him and more his style in general but it is simply good news that we are able to see him wrestle in 2014. Sansyu is one of his students.

Ishikawa opens up the action with a headbutt. Sansyu isn’t a fan so he brings his own headbutt to the table. They go to the ground and try ripping each other’s legs apart. Sansyu starts throwing a ton of kicks until one takes Ishikawa down. Ishikawa gets Sansyu tangled in the ropes and brings the point of his elbow down on Sansyu’s skull. Ishikawa is the elder of the two gentlemen but he is definitely the one pushing the pace early on. Ishikawa is beating the tar out of Sansyu until he pretty much begs him to get up which ends in a slap and a bundle of strikes. Ishikawa comebacks with his trademark enzurgerie. Doesn’t last long as Ishikawa starts getting his leg tortured. Sansyu beats Ishikawa out of the ring. Sansyu tries going after Ishikawa on the apron but that was a terrible choice that eventually ends up with him in an armbar.  Once Sansyu reaches the ropes he gets back on the offensive. Sansyu gets Ishikawa down for a 5 count several times but can’t keep him down for the KO. BIG backdrop driver from Ishikawa and after some scrambling eventually finds himself in a guard positioned chickenwing/kimura.

Every time I see Yuki Ishikawa ply his craft it is a true pleasure and this match is no exception. It is wonderful to see that he still manages to be so good at 47 years of age. While I am not sure if Sansyu was up to snuff, Ishikawa put on a fantastic performance in selling. Wish that most of his best selling came after he showed how much better he was at striking though.  Your mileage with this match will have to do a lot with how much you like grappling. If you like that though then this will be up your alley since Ishikawa is one of the finest wrestlers to incorporate it into his matches.  Really good and could have been even better given a bit better of an opponent. Certainly worth checking out.


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