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October 26, 2014 / Rob Reid

Rich Swann vs. Will Ospreay from IPW:UK October 26th 2014

Post by Rob Reid:

Well, this was a thoroughly unsatisfying encounter. Just looking at the video you can see that it’s a relatively short match, but if you go into watching this expecting the twelve minutes of run-time to equate to twelve minutes of action then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. The first third of the match involves your generic indie dance-off right down to your run of the mill bad ref dancing spot. From there, the middle third of the match was dedicated to Swann dominating Ospreay in a supposedly semi-comedic fashion, leaving only around four minutes for the actual wrestling to take place in. These last four minutes were fine for what they were, featuring some smooth flying as one expects in a match between two wrestlers the calibre of these two, but nowhere near exceptional enough to make this match feel worthwhile at the conclusion.

This match was the embodiment of an indie star, being Rich Swann, working at 60% effort in front of a small crowd. There never really was any intention of going out and having a good match here, right down to the lacklustre finish. Some could perhaps gain a degree of enjoyment from the antics occurring in the early portions, but if you’re anywhere near as peevish as this reviewer then don’t give this match a second thought. *3/4


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