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October 25, 2014 / liamcbyrne

The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) vs. The Sumerian Death Squad (Michael Dante & Tommy End) from SWE 2014

Post by Liam Byrne:

Over at TV Time Limit Remaining, I’m currently reviewing from Chapter 1 all PROGRESS content on their media streaming service. Having just finished Chapter 4, I made this comment after The London Riots defeated the Hunter Brothers:

I’m looking forward to seeing The Riots against a team who can match them for power as I think that will allow them to really show what they are capable of.

As if my prayers were answers, this fell through my (virtual) letterbox. A match from Southside Wrestling Entertainment (a fairly hideous name for a promotion) which sees The London Riots face off against the SWE Tag Team Champions, The Sumerian Death Squad of Michael Dante and Tommy End. I’ve never seen either of the two champions, but just seeing them standing in the ring, I can see this is going to be a war.

Unsurprisingly, that is what I get, as the two teams brawl at ringside, degenerate back into a tag match for the middle portion, before bombs are thrown down the finishing stretch in what was a thoroughly enjoyable match.

The middle portion of the match sees the Riots play face, which in and of itself is strange to see. Of the four men in and around the ring, David is probably the best fit for a face in peril, and does an admirable job as The SDS work him over, all stemming from an innovative spot where End landed a double stomp on Davis as he’d been looking to land a basement dropkick. Frequent tags kept the fresh man in, and kept the lesser of the workers in the match (Dante, in my opinion) from being too exposed.

Finally, we got the hot tag, and Lynch began to throw the SDS around like ragdolls. A beautiful belly to belly overhead suplex on End was followed by a double team fireman’s carry and boot for a near fall. All order at this point broke down, and both teams just started nailing big moves.  The SDS, in their efforts to win, hit a very unique side slam/springboard/powerbomb combintion for another close fall. The London Riots come within a whisker of winning the title with their assisted sitout powerbomb on End, only for Dante to save him in the nick of time (I almost thought he was going to fluff the spot, as he seemed to move very late…lucky boy). Some top rope brawling then sees a spinkick/Pounce combo for one more SDS nearfall.

The finish comes after Davis levels end up a brutal clothesline for his own two and 9/10ths count. End looks in danger, but after blocking a corner charge, he is elevated by Davis, only to land knees first on Lynch’s chest for a huge takedown. With Lynch down, Davis is easy pickings for another kick into the spear, this time enough for the three count.

A genuinely enjoyable match, with four big guys doing what four big guys in wrestling should do – beat the tar out of each other. Tommy End came out looking like a star, whilst Davis did a really good job of fulfilling a role he isn’t often expected to be. Well worth fifteen minutes of your time.

If you are interested in reading more UK Indy and London Riots reviews, please check out TV Time Limit Remaining, where I cover a range of topics from modern WWE PPVs to 1980s NWA and UK independent wrestling. Follow me on twitter at @tvtimelimit and do comment on what I cover. The wrestling scene is built around debate, discussion and argument, and I want my blog to offer another haven for such activities.

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