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October 4, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma vs. Big Ryck from Lucha Underground 2014

Recap from TJ Hawke:

The winner of this match gets one hundred thousand Monopoly dollars. Konnan accompanied Puma to the ring.

They took out the ladders early on. Castro and Cisco showed up to climb for Ryck. Mundo and Puma put a stop to that though. Mundo and Puma then did some labored spots with the ladder. “A” for effort though. Mundo brought out some tables. Puma saved Cisco from Mundo putting him through a table. Puma did another labored spot (this one of the dive variety). I genuinely applaud these guys for attempting to be very creative in this match, but this is not my kind of ladder match so far (and I’m a mark for ladder matches). Puma gave Mundo an Ace Crusher off a ladder to the mat. Ryck finally got back involved. He and his crew got control of the match. Mundo avoided a double superplex to the floor and ended up tossing Cisco through a table. Puma ended up putting Castro through a table with a Meteora. Morrison seemed to have full control of the match shortly after that. Ryck ate a Starship Pain and then a 630. Puma then took out Mundo. Ryck came back and powerbombed Puma onto Mundo (who was on a bridged ladder). Ryck then dumped Puma THROUGH a ladder bridged between the apron and the guardrail. Ryck set up two ladders to help him climb, which wasn’t a story focused on enough as far as I am concerned. William Regal and Dave Taylor set the standard for that story. Mundo kicked him in the balls. Mundo had the match won. B-Boy ran in and attacked Mundo. Mundo fought him off. Ryck and his crew teamed up to try to climb again. Mundo single-handily thwarted that and grabbed the briefcase.

The Lucha Underground owner came out and wanted his “insurance policy” back. It was a key? I think Matt Striker mentioned it being to a diary. Is that possibly true? The crowd didn’t want him to give it up. Mundo agreed but then punched him in the face.

As I wrote a couple of times above, this was a very strong effort with tons of creativity. There is clearly an audience for this kind of ladder match, and I applaud them for putting together a match that you probably wouldn’t see on WWE television. It just was not for me at all. I found too many of the spots/setups to be contrived. I (*generally speaking*) prefer ladder matches that emphasize violence and/or destruction.

Match Rating: **1/2

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