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October 1, 2014 / Bill Thompson

Kevin Steen vs. Chris Hero from Quintessential Pro Wrestling 2014

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

A manic sprint with a comedy finish. Not sure how I feel about the comedy finish, I’ll flesh that out as I write this review. But, I enjoyed the match on the whole. I’m still discovering Kevin Steen so to speak; he’s a talent I enjoy but I haven’t seen a lot from him for one reason or another. Chris Hero is a major favorite of mine, and it seems like he’s always a guy putting on a good performance; no matter the opponent. Luckily that last caveat didn’t play a factor in this match, both men are able to go and it shows.

Before the match even starts there’s some crowd brawling that takes place. It’s innocuous for the most part, but it does feature one spot that I absolutely adored. Steen picks up a chair to protect himself, but Hero simply kicks under the bottom of the chair instead of attacking head on. It’s a simple moment, and technically it takes place before the match even starts, but man do I love when the simplest of things are done in the perfect place and manner.

Once in the ring, and the bell rings to start the match, the sprint ensues. There’s maybe thirty seconds or so of non-action in the first eight minutes of the match. Steen and Hero are running through their move arsenal at a rapid clip. I can see why this wouldn’t fly for some people, but I enjoyed what they were going for. Essentially, or quintessentially if you will, the match is a spotfest minus any really huge spots. But, as I’ve often said about spotfests, when they are executed well they can be very enjoyable. This was a spotfest that I found to be very enjoyable.

The end run features Steen disappearing to the back for thirty seconds or so only to come out dressed like a member of the Young Bucks. This is the element of the match I had the most trouble digesting. I enjoyed the sprint like slugfest that Owens and Hero were putting on, and I’m still not sure if the comedy was needed. But, you know what, I found it amusing. I’m not sure if it helped the match in any way, but I don’t think it hurt the match. So, if a comedy section makes me chuckle and it doesn’t truly effect the match I’m willing to call that a win.

The last two minutes or so are a little too finisher spam heavy, but not so much that I’m willing to really hit that point hard. Steen and Hero put on a good match; a sprint based affair that lightly touches on the idea of a mauler versus a technical striker. I’d love to see these two with more time some day, but for now this will suffice because I’m always a fan of being able to check out some good quality wrestling.

Bill Thompson

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