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September 14, 2014 / Aaron

Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr. from Lucha Underground 2014

Post by Aaron Bentley:

Episode 3 ended with Fenix celebrating a victory in a triple threat match against Drago and Pentagon Jr. The match itself was a thinly veiled vehicle meant to show off that Lucha Underground has a interminable pool of performers who can do insanely cool things. And though we had only just been introduced to all three men, Fenix’s victory felt substantial.

Dario Cueto apparently found it similarly substantial. Early in Episode 4, Cueto is in some deep corner of The Temple berating the defeated Drago. Cueto determines that punishment is an acceptable consequence of Cueto’s failure. That punishment: a match tonight with a debuting luchador, King Cuerno. However, that fight is not our focus here.

Our focus is fixed firmly on last week’s victor, Fenix. Tonight, he faces Pentagon Jr. one-on-one. Pentagon, however, was not nearly as impressed as I was with Fenix’s victory last week. He grabs a microphone and tells the audience he is tired of not getting any respect in Mexico. Finally, Dario Cueto has shown him respect. To repay that kindness, Pentagon intends to make an example of Fenix.

Fenix has different ideas. He uses his athletic advantage over Pentagon to take control of the match early on. While this match is less of a showcase than last week’s main event, a Fenix match is a showcase in and of itself. He hits a tope con hilo before the match has aged at all; he exhibits his amazing agility, bouncing around on the ropes; then, as if he is trying to top himself, he follows the tope con hilo with a springboard corkscrew tope.

For Pentagon’s part, he puts on a great performance while working underneath. His selling is not traditional. Instead, he sometimes pops up and hits Fenix with an innovative, devastating maneuver. But those offensive outbursts seem to affect Fenix less and less as he wears down Pentagon more and more. It’s not the kind of selling I generally prefer but it essentially tells the same story.

Undeterred, Pentagon continues to mount offense where he can. And there comes a point where I am completely convinced that he has finally broken through. Pentagon stands on the top rope, having left Fenix recovering on the mat. Suddenly, Fenix pops up, hits Pentagon with a roundhouse kick, and fights his way to the top rope to meet Pentagon. The two men struggle but a Spanish Fly ends Pentagon’s hopes of gaining The Temple’s respect. (***)

Aaron Bentley is on Twitter (@AaronBentleyVoW) and has written extensively for His VoW archive can be found here. This post is part of a series reviewing all the freely available matches from Lucha Underground Season 1. You can find the rest of that series here.


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