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September 7, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Joshua Singh vs. Alex Daniels from AIW 2014

Post by Sam DiMascio:

This is a rematch from AIW’s All In. Both are students of Johnny Gargano who is on commentary. The selling point to Singh that they seem to like to talk up is that he’s a bit husky but will bust out a 450. Alex Daniels wears a tank top yet I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need to.

Chain wrestling early on with no advantage really being gained. Lots of armdrags, cartwheels, and general hoopla. Joshua Singh hits a tope. Alex Daniels headscissors Singh into the guardrail and then Singh catches Daniels for a backdrop on the steel. Singh is setting up for a kick from the apron but the kick is caught and he ends up taking an absolutely loony bump on the apron. Singh tries to catch Daniels off guard with a hurricanrana but gets powerbombed. Singh catches Daniels with a leg lariat and then a flipping neckbreaker. They start hitting each other in the middle of the ring. Daniels hits a discuss lariat for a nearfall. Segment built on lack of momentum that ends with Daniels hitting a reverse-rana and followed up by a flip to the outside. Daniels tries a springboard 450 and WHIFFS! Singh hits a 450 for a nearfall. Singh hits a Canadian Destroyer OUTTA NOWHERE! Joshua Singh goes for Phoenix Splash but comes up empty. Daniels then climbs up the rope for a shooting star press for the win.

There is something always intriguing about watching two wrestlers still young into their careers going at it. It is not always good and in fact more often than not it isn’t but even then you are sorta seeing wrestlers find themselves. Here, I wasn’t a big fan of the match. Felt incredibly inorganic as if they had been practicing this match several times over so they could bust out all this stuff. Because of the time they got, none of the STUFF felt important. If you put a premium on athletic feeling spots, enjoy very back-and-forth contests and mix it with appreciating young talent doing it then this is up your alley. Given the sprint nature of the bout that helps on the whole. But for those who like watching WRESTLERS-IN-TRAINING like myself then this will give you your fill.

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