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September 7, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Johnny Mundo & Prince Puma vs. The Crew (Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco) from Lucha Underground 2014

Recap from TJ Hawke:

A pro wrestling company that is giving Ricky Reyes a big push in 2014-2015. What a world.

Big Ryck, Cisco, and Castro cut a promo introducing themselves. Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo came out to get revenge for their interference in the first main event of Lucha Undergound. That Dario fella pulled a Teddy Long.

Mundo and Puma had a lot of success early on. Mundo’s Flying Chuck was blocked, and he then got worked over. Big Ryck watched the match from the “arena” steps while smoking a cigar. Mundo eventually flipped around to avoid THE CREW. Puma made a hot tag. Cortez avoided a big corkscrew plancha attempt from Mundo. Mundo recovered soon enough. Puma hit a Fosbury Flop to wipe out Cortez. Mundo and Puma then finished THE CREW with stereo 450 splashes.

I thought this was performed fairly well. Cortez and Cisco do not make for the most talented tag team ever, but they proved to be fine foils to make Mundo and Puma look good. I’m glad The Crew didn’t win, as Puma and Mundo should be booked to seem like much bigger stars than them. Puma and Morrison working compact tag team matches would be the best way to make me more interested in their LU work.

Match Rating: ***1/4



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