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September 7, 2014 / Tanner Teat

Austin Aries vs. Noam Dar from TNA 2014

Post by Tanner Teat:

This match featured one of TNA’s most consistent workers and a young gun in a sprint, so how could it not be fun? The match, while being super simplistic, still kept me glued to my screen for the entirety of the match. Austin Aries is one of those guys that can make you care about a six minute show on TNA’s B (C? D?) show, which is a high level of praise. I personally have never seen a Noam Dar match until this one, but I would have never guessed he was only 21 in this match, because it feels like he is one of those guys that has been around forever (Side note: He’s been wrestling since 2008, so he is the most vet young gun ever).

The match itself, while not being too over the top and flashy, allowed Aries to work as the vet trying to put Dar in his place, and it allowed Dar to get his comeback in. I thought it was odd that even though the match felt like it was structured for a heel Aries vs babyface Dar, the latter was booed whenever he had his comeback spots, so that was a thing. They seemed to realize that during the closing stretch of the match, as Dar used the ropes to try to gain momentum, so that was another thing. I have no idea if this was a mishap of whacky TNA editing or a whacky TNA crowd, but it definitely was whacky.

Oh yea, the match. Anyways, Aries looked real good in it and still has one of my favorite brainbusters in wrestling, especially when you have a lot of guys that just turn it in to a suplex which is DUMB. Noam Dar looked good for what he was given and I am interested in seeing some of his more high profile stuff from the independent scene. Fun match that is definitely worth the six and a half minutes it takes to watch.

Rating: ***

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