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August 31, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Brian Fury vs. Jay Freddie from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

This is a rematch from 7/26/14 and the first thing of note is the ring. At times, it is so noisy its like there is a percussion section playing next to the ring. The second thing is this isn’t as enjoyable as the 7/26 match.

Things just feel a little off. Perhaps it’s due to no commentary and Fury doesn’t have to field haircare questions mid match. Perhaps it’s the way the match was laid out. Last time, I enjoyed watching Freddie’s fire and his striking. This isn’t here this time. Things are far more even and at a slower pace. It feels like it hurts the match.

There are some alright spots here and there. Fury’s penchant for apron moves backfires when he takes a reverse DDT to it and Freddie follows up with a diving headbutt from the top (which since Fury is on the apron looks unique).

The finish is Freddie getting the tap with his Sharpshooter, but there doesn’t seem to be a build to it nor to Fury’s attempt for the Crab. At least with the previous match, Fury’s back work through it led to the finish. Here, barring a Dragon Screw and an extended time in the move before making the ropes, no work is made by Freddie to set up for the Sharpshooter.

Watch the previous match. It’s more fun. If there is a third between them, I’m game to see it. I’d hope for a lot better than this though.


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