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August 30, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

War Machine (Raymond Rowe & Hanson) vs. Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) from ROH TV 2014

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

This match is from one of Ring of Honor’s TV tapings from Philadelphia. According to CageMatch this is Raymond Rowe’s last match of 2014 before his extremely unfortunate motorcycle accident that prevented him from wrestling until February of 2015. Ring of Honor is posting this match in order to build anticipation for the rematch that is happening April 25th in Hopkins, MN.

Ray Rowe and Mark Briscoe open the contest. Neither can gain the momentum early with a neat exchange of attempted strikes and grapply holds. Jay Briscoe and Hanson get tagged in. Both start throwing some beefy strikes until Jay beats Hanson into his corner where he tags in Mark. Hanson catches him with a sideslam and tags in Rowe. Rowe starts blasting Mark in the face in the corner. Rowe works over Mark with some nasty looking strikes whether they be forearms or knees to the noggin. Rowe with BIG double knees to Mark’s chest that launches him back first into the corner. Hanson gets tagged in but it doesn’t take too long before Mark finds a brief moment to bust out the redneck kung fu. Hanson is in there with Jay and cartwheels away from a backdrop attempt so Jay just attacks Rowe so he can’t break up any pins. Rowe isn’t a fan so he German suplexes Jay. Mark comes to the aid of his brother and crossbodies Rowe over the top rope. Hanson with the LARGE FELLA DIVE! Hanson gets knocked onto a table which Jay promptly double stomps him through from the apron. Briscoes start doing that double team stuff on Rowe in the middle of the ring. Rowe manages to toss Mark away so him and Jay start slugging each other. Hanson hiptosses Jay to the floor! The intensity starts to ramp up in a hurry. Chairs are being tossed and both teams are going hard on the outside. Men are tossed into barricades, floor padding is being turned over, and general chaos ensues. The referee has no option but to toss out the bout. The fans chant for the fight to continue. Rowe catches Mark Briscoe on the apron and STO slams him through the table.

This is my kind of match. It is a sub-15 minute bout that is hot from beginning to end. Both teams really lay it in. Ray Rowe looked like an absolute animal every time he was in there. If nothing else this match made me want him against Jay Briscoe in a one-on-one contest because their pairing here created a bit of an aura of danger which I loved. The match actually felt heated which is much more than I can say for most wrestling these days. Really felt like a match engineered to be great for TV and it absolutely delivered in that respect where it works incredibly well in a vacuum and can be built upon in the future. And for that reason the non-finish is completely okay in my book. I think it is obvious that they were going to build on this match in the nearer future if Rowe’s accident hadn’t taken place. Wonderful of Ring of Honor to post this because now I am totally amped for this rematch and it bridges the gap from this match to now.


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