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August 17, 2014 / themosayat

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Super Smash Bros. from Smash Wrestling 2014

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

I don’t remember if this is my first time watching the Super Smash Bros or not. It should be fun, either way, as this match is the one that aired as a part of #RAWlternative, and I’ve been hearing very nice reviews about it. It’s always very fun to watch The Young Bucks in smaller indies as they’re treated as huge stars but still act as goofy and normal as they are all the time. I love them for it.

I never get tired of watching The Young Bucks’ tag team moves; they’re very cool looking. I also ~love~ it whenever they do that spot where they “accidentally” trip over the ropes while trying to enter the ring quickly to save their brother. I ALSO really love it when they “accidentally” hit each other by mistake when their opponent avoids a double team move of theirs. And the Super Smash Brothers have been amazing in this as well. Player Dos (the smaller, bearded one) got the hot tag from player Uno (the larger, masked one) and hit a slew of awesome looking strikes and high-flying moves. The match goes back and forth with each team going for all the counters, superkicks and awesome sequences in their pockets. After a low blow behind the ref’s back, The Bucks try setting up More Bang For Your Buck, but Player Dos pushes Nick Jackson off the top rope, kicks Matt in the face and goes for a CRAZY jumping DDT on the ring apron that floors Nick Jackson. They go for their finisher, called Fatality, which is a Gory bomb (by Uno)/diving somersault cutter (by Dos) combination (SUCH A COOL MOVE!) 1…2…AND Nick Jackson pulls the ref outside the ring by his leg! Dos goes for a suicide dive, and Nick avoids it, leaving him to crash down on a pile of chairs! the camera didn’t catch that well but the crowd’s reaction to it made it clear how crazy that was. In the ring, Uno’s arms got trapped between the ropes and Nick and Matt took advantage of the situation shooting him with a half dozen, consecutive, straight superkicks to the face! Dos gets in the ring to save his partner, he ducks the clotheslines, goes for a double pele kick, and GETS DOUBLE SUPERKICKED IN MID-AIR. My goodness, that looked brutal and ~suuuper awesome. Powerbomb/Enziguri combo in the corner, Indytaker spike tombstone piledriver and they pin him for the 1..2..KICKOUT! only 2! I can’t believe it, and neither can The Young Bucks it seems. They nail him with More Bang for Your Buck then, and pin him for the 1..2..3! and that was it.

This was a mindless, super fun spotfest and I gotta admit, I’m such a sucker for these stuff (especially when it’s smaller indies’ matches.) I really enjoyed this a lot and will be looking forward to see more from the Super Smash Bros, personally.

Match Rating: ****1/4.

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