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August 16, 2014 / barrylad

Bryan Alvarez vs. Buddy Wayne from WrestleSport 2014

Recap from Barry Murphy:

This was billed as an OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING match — or perhaps more aptly: RASSLIN’! If you’ve ever subscribed to Bryan’s joint website with Dave Meltzer, you’ll know he’s a stickler for little details and the old school stuff, so I’m interested to see how this goes. During the entrances, someone sitting next to the camera person (I believe Bryan’s wife Whitney was filming) asked if he “wet himself to make it look more glisten-y?” to which Whitney simply replied; “yes.” Tremendous.

Handshake before the first lock up, which went to the corner and got a clean break. Wayne and Bryan exchanged take overs in the following lock ups. They worked into the corner and Wayne KILLED this man with a stiff chop to the chest, living out the fantasy of many wrestlers, I’m sure (like this guy!). In another corner, Alvarez dodged a second chop and returned with one of his own. Small Buddy chant and a second hand shake. Alvarez unloaded two more stiff chops, one of which seemed to clip Wayne in the face. Another hand shake! So much honour! Alvarez got a hammerlock but Wayne backed him into the corner for another chop. Wayne whipped Alvarez from corner to corner, but Alvarez countered with a leap frog, followed by running up the ropes, into a headlock takeover for a nice highspot. They said old school, and they meant it. Working out of the headlock, Wayne got a wristlock, Alvarez did a nice bridge and followed up with a shoulder block. Alvarez went for the same headlock take over spot as before, but Wayne telegraphed it and threw him shoulder-first into the post. Wayne took over in SALTY VETERAN HEEL~! fashion with a variety of holds and some hair pulling. Sunset flip got two for Alvarez before Wayne posted his shoulder again and applied more holds. Bryan tried firing back and both men went down off a head collision spot. Back on their feet, Alvarez once again fired back and hit a back body drop, and a flying back elbow. Bryan landed on his feet, just about, from a tilt-a-whirl spot, went for a hurricanrana but Wayne blocked so Alvarez flipped out and hit a superkick. He followed up with a swanton bomb, maybe a little overshot, for a three count.

Wayne asked for his hand to be raised after the match, despite losing. Hey guy, that’s not how it works. He shoved the referee, and took a bump when the ref shoved back.  Wayne raised his own hands and everyone booed.

Review by Barry Murphy:

This was a fun opener for what appeared to be a show aimed at a family audience – they said old school and they meant it. From listening to him over the years, this certainly seems like a style Alvarez would enjoy watching himself. They exchanged holds early, didn’t rush, made the chops count, and almost anything resembling a ‘highspot’ was relegated to the second half of the match. In fact, they were almost exclusively part of Alvarez’ babyface comeback. You don’t get more old school than a babyface’s finish being a top rope senton and the match featuring NO other dives of any nature, so it stood out a bit more. This match would hardly be an Alvarez’ audition for PWG but it was an enjoyable, slowed down bout that you might get a kick out of if you like your wrestling to be a bit more… rasslin’.

WrestleSport’s official site.


Bryan Alvarez on Twitter


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