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August 6, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Drago, Aerostar, & Bengala vs. Hijo del Fantasma, Pentagon Jr., & Super Fly from AAA 2014

Thoughts from Sam DiMascio:

Before getting even into the match let me tell you if you haven’t seen Aerostar you should make that a bit of a priority. During his entrance he brings a can of hairspray and starts shooting fire. Also before the match gets started Pentagon Jr. gets up in Drago’s grill while he’s coming down to the ring. I don’t love AAA but all these wrestlers in this look like crazy cartoon characters. In a good way of course.

Honestly in the early goings this match is nothing to write home about. The only thing somewhat interesting is Aerostar having a chair chucked at him on a dive attempt which led to him splatting himself on the apron. This is when the match starts hitting its stride. Rudos act like rudos and team up on Aerostar while his teammates sit around on the outside like good people do. Aerostar goes on to make the rudos look absolutely dumb like he’s Jackie Chan fighting a group of thugs who wait for each other to get knocked out before trying to help.  Rudos haven’t looked silly enough so Drago uses them for spots. Bengala pulls a pretty sweet counter on Fantasma off a Go 2 Sleep type thing. Aerostar has Super Fly on the outside and does the nuttiest dive pretty much ever. And ten seconds later Bengala counters a doomsday device into a Spanish Fly on Fantasma for the victory. Cameras were a wee bit off and the Spanish Fly was sorta hard to decipher as it being what it was but that’s all folks.

Fun match if nothing else. Aerostar doesn’t care about his body at all and I’m pretty sure knocked himself silly for a bit off that clinically insane dive he did. Bengala did two really neat counters both involving Fantasma. Pentagon Jr. is a guy I totally dig but he didn’t do too much of note outside of slapping Aerostar’s chest off.  Was afraid the match was gonna be a total dud after the first few minutes where it felt extremely bland as if they were just going to go through the motions. Pretty glad they found a nice rhythm and pulled off some nice stuff leading to an enjoyable trios match even if the finish looked a little odd between the actual wrestling portion of it and the production portion.

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Pentagon and Drago started the match. Bengala and Fantasma then did a sequence. Aerostar then went for a dive on Super Fly, but the rudo threw a chair into Aerostar before he got through the ropes. Aerostar then got worked over. Drago eventually escaped the onslaught and tagged out to Bengala. Bengala made a comeback. It fluctuated from cool and uninspired. Drago and Fantasma went at it. Drago won that exchange. Tope con hello on Pentagon. Aerostar finally recovered enough to get back involved. He and Super Fly went at it. Fantasma and Bengala then squared off. Aerostar took out Super Fly with a fantastic tope con hello that took both men into the crowd. Fantasma and Pentagon tried to do a Doomsday Day move on Bengala, but I think he reversed it into a Spanish Fly on Fantasma. Dragon wiped out Pentagon with a dive, as Bengala pinned Fantasma: 1…2…3

While they could have cut out some of the beginning to suit my tastes, I thought this turned into a really fun match. I need to watch more matches like this.

EDIT: I had no idea that Bengala was Ricky Marvin.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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