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August 5, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Stuka vs. Pólvora from CMLL 2014

Thoughts from Sam DiMascio:

Not sure how a company like Chikarra hasn’t stolen the lightning match gimmick. Keeps things short, compact and fun. This was by no means a great lighting match but for ten minutes it holds your attention with “stuff”. They didn’t work a Panther/Virus type matwork clinic, but they put in your average chain wrestling exchange and then call that part of the match a day. Polvora, in the black and red, is a 35 year old that I always think is 25 or something when I watch him.For one, he moves around like a spring chicken and to pair with that he sometimes just starts running through cool looking moves because that is what he wants to do. Stuka, in the blue, is chubby and that bodes well for my enjoyment of him. He hits two dives in this match with one almost driving his head into the concrete and the other being a moonsault from a corner. Always amazes me how so many dives in lucha look like the wrestler thinks “Well, lets just hope this works out,” as soon as they leave their feet. Stuka also finishes it off with a top rope SPLASH! Using all that wonderful fat.

Nothing about this match screams “You should watch this!” but outside of a few lighting matches, or the entirety of En Busca de un Ídolo from this year, not many really reach that level.There’s nothing wrong with this match so if you’re looking for something to kill time then go for it, but with so many of these lightning matches out there I’d be hard pressed to say you should make time for it above others.

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Did the referee look like William Shatner to anyone else?

Stuka had the early advantage. He hit a really nice tope suicida. Polvora cut him off right after that though.  He got a nearfall with a sitdown Dominator. Stuka came back with a great moonsault to the floor. The man doesn’t look like much, but he moves with a ton of grace. Back in the ring, Stuka hit a diving splash: 1…2…3

Much like Sam, I don’t think you need to watch this one. Stuka hit some impressive dives though.


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