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July 26, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Brian Fury vs. Jay Freddie from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Stephen Gaghan:

I’ve seen Fury before and Jay Freddie is from the 2CW organisation.

Some nice wrestling and strike sequences to start which end in standoffs and (barring one little screw-up) everything is just feeling about to start. Its all decent though.

Fury takes control by targeting Freddie’s back.  Fury likes to use the apron in his offence, back suplexes Freddie there, and slams him on the floor.  Fury is looking for his Boston / New Hampshire Crab which is his finish.

Whilst in a hold, Fury further gets asked about his shampoo usage which gets an answer. It looks well conditioned but we’re not told what brand.

A popup powerbomb is reversed into a DDT by Freddie, and we’re back to the strike off which Freddie wins with a superkick and a discus lariat.

Tope to the outside, and Freddie follows with big running kick and a Northern Lights Bomb for two.

Fury is still after the back and hoists Freddie up a Waterwheel slam for 2.

Fury misses a charge, and Freddie his a slightly awkward Diamond Dust, a Dragon Suplex and a Brainbuster for successive two.

We get reversals on Crabs and Sharpshooters until a Popup Powerbomb into Fury’s Crab makes Freddie tap.

Nice. Fury’s moveset always leads to the Crab which is always a plus, and Jay Freddie has some nice fire and high impact strikes. This match is worth a visit.


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