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July 19, 2014 / Terrance Smith

Trevor Lee vs. Rich Swann From CWF Mid-Atlantic 2014

Post by Terrance Smith:

Pre-Match Thoughts:

            Well, this is one of the coolest matches on paper that I have seen in a long time. If you don’t know, Rich Swann is an acclaimed high flier famous (on an independent scale) from his time in companies from PWG to CZW. He is one of the most athletic people in wrestling and, on top of that, has a ton of charisma. Also, he has a beautiful dropkick and I appreciate a good dropkick, but I digress. Trevor, on the other hand, is an insanely young, incredibly talented wrestler most known for companies like PWG, CWF Mid-Atlantic, and, recently, TNA. His offense is flashy, his personality is big, and he has a ton of potential, especially for being so young. With Swann going to WWE, I thought this match would never happen. However, Mr. TJ Hawke showed me this match and it was too good to be true. This is going to be fun.

Match Review:

            This match was structured in a very basic way, but the action and the small things they did made this so good. As I said, the structure has been seen multiple time before, with the early trading of hold, then the heat segment into a comeback, and finally the finish, but all of this was executed so well and with such depth that I was never focused on the structure. Every move had a purpose and made sense in psychology, which is very impressive. For example, the feeling out process ended with Swann gaining the advantage, since he is the veteran. Since Swann had more experience, Lee uses interference to gain control. Also, both guys played up their cockiness, but their cockiness had a purpose. Swann was the international star in a small indie, so he made fun of their biggest name. Trevor was the crown jewel of CWF, so he was very cocky in his home promotion. These small details, while they seem minor, add so much to this match, and help it feel like more than a mundane match in the first round of the tournament. All these small things build into an action packed finishing stretch with fast and furious action. All of the action was very crisp and really fun to watch. The only real issue I have is an odd one, but it matters. Since this match had a short time limit, all these great things that I love never got the time they deserved. The match only went 13 minutes, so nothing got enough time to blossem. The cockiness had to be dropped to make room for Lee working over the stomach, but then that had to be dropped to go to the finish, etc. While this match was very fun, it felt like a 30-minute match squished into 13 minutes. There was so much going on, which kept the match at a brisk pace, but if the small things got more time to breath, we may have a great match on our hands.

Rating: ***½


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