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June 29, 2014 / petersmu2014

Eddie Dennis vs. Tommy End PROGRESS Wrestling 2014

Post by Murray Peterson:

This match comes from the first round of the inaugural PRGOGRESS World Cup. Eddie Dennis is a very capable and enjoyable staple in wrestling in Britain from Wales, and Tommy End hails from the Netherlands (and he kicks heads in). This should make for a interesting clash of style.

Just looking at these guys tights you know that they won’t be getting along. These two have one of the longest shoulder block exchanges I have ever seen. Tommy begins to work down Eddie with stiff strikes. Eddie eats several kicks on the ropes, but retaliates with a rolling forearm. Double knees from the second rope floors Eddie. Kick reversed into a t-bone suplex by Eddie, into a cloverleaf of sorts. Eddie ends up losing control and gets double stomped hard. A back breaker into a lariat by Eddie and maybe this match might go his way over his much more mature opponent. Eddie gets his head kicked in with knee strikes and a round house. Springboard double stomp puts Eddie Dennis away and Tommy moves on.

This was a fine little match. Eddie gets to stand up against a more seasoned opponent, and Tommy gets to showcase himself going into the semifinal round. My only real complaint is that for a tournament match I feel like 5 more minutes would have been nice.


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