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June 28, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Joey Hayes vs. Carlito from PCW Tribute to the Troops

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

PCW held a free show back in 2014 as part of Preston’s Armed Forces day called Tribute to the Troops. Held outdoors and in a market square it drew a very healthy crowd and makes for a unique setting.

Carlito really looks no different than his WWE days. Joey Hayes, the PCW Champion, has been around a few English promotions and is always decent. He’s the heel here and gets quite an extended control over Carlito who comes back in spots with a nice spinning neckbreaker and a springboard elbow. Hayes, however and this is down to the match length, is mostly strikes and stomps. Heeling it up mainly in teasing a big move and settling for a chinlock and gyrating in said chinlock.

Our finish is Carlito setting up for the Backstabber and Team Single distracting so Hayes can roll up Carlito with the tights for 3.

Bubblegum joins Team Single (Rampage Brown and T-Bone) beat down Carlito, which brings down the Legion of Boom (Chris Masters and Dave Rayne) and Dean Allmark for the save. The PCW owner follows and makes an impromptu 8 man.

This again is short. Allmark plays face in peril until he nails Rampage Brown with a great superkick and brings in Masters for the hot tag. A brawl takes out the others and Masters who is #1 contender for Hayes’ title in the ring with Hayes and after reversing a  crossface attempt tp the Masterlock for the win.

Everything in a 15 minute video its too rapid to become dull. And for a free show its certainly nothing to complain about as a main event. It’s a send the fans home happy finish.


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