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June 22, 2014 / CJWilson

David Starr vs. Brian Fury from Beyond Wrestling Uncomfortable 2014

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match takes place at Beyond Wrestling’s Uncomfortable event. Juicy Product was still going strong at this time as they were the CZW and FIP Tag Team Champions. JT Dunn was in the main event against Chris Hero in a Last Man Standing match so David Starr also got on opportunity in a singles match when he defended his XWA Title against Brian Fury. XWA is another Rhode Island promotion that works with Beyond Wrestling. For those watching, you may know David Starr, but you may not know Brian Fury; Brian Fury is the best wrestling in New England. He never got a break that may make him well known, such as a shot in Ring of Honor, but he is a fantastic wrestler.

The match started with some mat wrestling as David Starr was a successful amateur wrestler back in Pennsylvania. Brian Fury knows that he would not be able to out wrestle David Starr so he tries to change it to a striking battle. Both men exchange forearms and kicks with neither man being able to get the advantage until Brian Fury hits a schoolboy driver into the bottom turnbuckle. David Starr rolled to the outside and Brian Fury tried to capitalize on this by attempting a dive, but Starr cuts him off with a forearm. Starr follows up with a diving crossbody from the top for a 2 count. Starr stays on Fury by slapping him and hitting him with forearms, but Fury is able to catch Starr with an enziguri that sends Starr to the outside. Fury follows up with a suicide dive and he rolls Starr back into the ring. Fury whips Starr into the turnbuckle and Starr bounces off the turnbuckles after going chest first into them which allows Fury to follow up with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Starr mounts some offense with an Olympic Slam, a Superkick and followed up with a Zig Zag for a nearfall. Starr tries to put him away with a Deadlift German, but Fury rolls him off and pops him up into a sit-out powerbomb for another nearfall. Starr is able to slide out of a possible Jackhammer attempt by a Fury and ducks a few clotheslines to hit a big kick followed by a Deadlift German for yet another nearfall, but Starr is able to hold on and this time hits a Straight-Jacket German Suplex for the win.

This was a really good match, and the fans were split on who they wanted to cheer for. After the match David Starr showed respect for Brian Fury as they shook hands and raised each other’s arms.

Chris Wilson


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