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June 22, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Colin Delaney vs. Punisher Van Slyke from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

Both of these men are 2CW regulars which mean I am pretty familiar with both of them. Colin Delaney has turned himself into a pretty good indie wrestler and someone who may go ahead and throw in some extremely cute moves (nailed it). Van Slyke is one of the bigger indie workers you’ll see. He’s a big fan of guys like Stan Hansen and tries to bring a bit of that rough and tubblin’ style to his wrestling.

Early sequence has Colin using his speed to combat the big man even getting a nearfall off a sunset flip. Van Slyke catches a kick and flips Colin onto his back. Not pretty. Van Slyke gets Colin in the corner and throws his inner forearm at Colin’s head. Colin tries going to the top but is rudely pushed off by Punisher. Punisher gains firm control and gets a nearfall off an elbow. Colin is trying to pump up. He eventually hits a flurry of strikes and a stunner from the second rope. Delaney tries to keep Van Slyke on the mat with strikes but to no avail. Van Slyke nicks Colin with a bicycle kick. Eh. Colin kips up after a kick and gets a lariat to the back of the head for his troubles. Van Slyke runs at Delaney in the corner but his met in the middle of the ring with a kick to the face. Delaney hits a DDT out of the corner in order to stun Punisher long enough for the three count.

The match runs about seven minutes so it isn’t hard to watch but with only seven minutes then everything really needs to be hit well and sadly two of the bigger spots were rough to watch. Punisher’s bicycle kick should have been a killer moment but the missed connection really took away from it. Even before that, Colin’s backflip came off not too hot. Not enough of a bump to elicit the reaction he gave. Also, could do without Punisher yelling. So distracting. It was big man vs little man at its core with Colin trying to use speed but Punisher was able to muscle him for most of it. Will say I dug the lariat to the back of the head since it played into that aspect of speed/showmanship that hurt Colin. Sadly there weren’t many of these types of moments. Only way Colin can mount a comeback is by bringing his own stiffness. Execution really brought this one down from being a fun use of seven minutes to something you can skip without worry which is too bad since I have liked stuff from both wrestlers this year.


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