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June 21, 2014 / Rob Reid

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Chris Brookes from GBP June 21st 2014

Post by Rob Reid:

This was a first round match in Great Bear Promotions’ 2014 Junior Heavyweight Cup, pitting a very green Chris Brookes against a Zack Sabre Jr. before his PWG run brought him towards the forefront of the wrestling world’s attention.

This match is one of the few times I’ve ever seen a fifteen minute draw telegraphed. For the first twelve minutes or so they wrestled like they were on there way to a thirty minute or so match, and then the commentator mentioned the time limit was fifteen minutes and I had no doubt in my mind that this one was ending in a draw.

Oh, and speaking of the commentators, the commentary here was really distracting from the action and a definite negative on the match. There were points when it really felt that this match was being called by non-wrestling fans, and when Zack took a break from the action mid match to tell them to “shut up” I was in full agreement.

As a match this was your standard low effort Sabre Jr. affair. It consisted of a nice little showcase of his technical skill early on without any real drive or direction until the last few minutes, then some strikes started to be thrown in along with a series of flash pin attempts. Brookes for the most part just seemed to be along for the ride, and honestly it could have been anybody in there with Zack and the match could have been exactly the same. To be fair to him he was still very young at this point, and more recent stuff that I’ve seen from him has shown some definite improvement.

This wasn’t a bad match per se, there were some nice little technical tricks and for the most part it was very cleanly executed. There just wasn’t really anything in this to hook you, and I came to the end of the video feeling that I could have used the sixteen and a half minutes far more productively. **1/4


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