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June 19, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Tigre Uno vs. Jessie Godderz from TNA Xplosion 2014


Recap from TJ Hawke:

DJ Zema did a great intro for Jessie G. Uno went for an armbar early and often, but he could not straighten out the submission attempt. Jessie cut him off by dropping him on a turnbuckle. Jesse worked him over after. Uno reversed a powerslam into an armdrag. Uno then botched a fancy spot where he would hop on the ropes. Jessie got nailed in the head with a sole butt, and Uno then hit the Phoenix Splash: 1…2…3!

Tigre Uno has yet to do anything overly impressive. He botched a big spot in his comeback here, and his finisher is done better by so many other people in wrestling that I question why he uses it.


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