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May 24, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Colin Delaney, Marion Fontaine, UltraMantis Black & Veda Scott vs. Gregory Iron & The Iron Curtain (Benjamin Boone, Dick Justice, & Joey Vincent Martini)

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

This 8 person tag is due to an ongoing issue between Veda Scott and Gregory Iron.

Marion Fontaine is a moustachioed throwback to the 20s and 30s and the Iron Curtain’s Dick Justice is surprisingly nimble for a guy his size. Anyway, fun is what these two are about. They never do the face-in-peril sequence, as the match is nearly always go-go-go. Dick Justice “flies” for the only high spots in the match.

The finish is abrupt. Veda is handling Dick, and Fontaine just straight out punches Dick in the face; both Fontaine and Veda get the 3.

There’s a curiosity in watching this if you want to see Veda wrestle (if you’re just used to her managing), watch a 400-pounder try to work like a cruiserweight, or if you like a comedy match with crude commentary this will be for you.


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