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May 23, 2014 / failraiser

Josh Prohibition vs. Colin Delaney from AIW’s JLIT 2014

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Recap by Alex Torres: This was a first round match in the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2014. Commentary by Matt Wadsworth and the Duke.

Prohibition immediately goes for the Drunken driver for two. Prohibition shoves Delaney out of the ring. Delaney shoves Prohibition off the apron and springboards onto Prohibition. Delaney rolls him in and hits an elbow for two. Prohibition manages a wheelbarrow suplex for two.The two fight on the apron, Prohibition getting the better of the exchange. Suicide dive. Prohibition slingshots into Delaney’s arms, and Delaney drops him on his knees. They exchange blows. Delaney misses a 12 large elbow, and a second drunken driver gets Prohibition the win.

A quick, solid match. The two did nothing much to distinguish the match. It is what it is, fodder for Prohibition’s larger story going into the JLIT.


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