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May 18, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Mark Andrews vs. Jimmy Havoc from PROGRESS Wrestling 2014

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Andrews won the title on the last show of 2013, but Havoc all but stole it from him. This is Andrews’ first shot at getting it back.

Havoc started the match by hitting Andrews with the PROGRESS Championship staff. Havoc was the first to start climbing, but Andrews kept obstructing him. This ladder was shite. Havoc powerbombed him into a ladder and then set up a table. Andrews gave Havoc a Rock Bottom that took both men through the table. Andrews got a much better ladder. Havoc stopped Andrews from climbing with multiple chair shots. Andrews came back with a DDT on an apron that caused Havoc to roll onto a table on the floor. Andrews called for a dive, but Havoc got off the table and suplexed Andrews on the floor. Havoc then gave Andrews a diving powerbomb through the table. This match rules. Havoc could have grabbed the belt (well, the clipboard that says he wins the match), but Andrews crawled into the ring. Havoc decided to do more damage to him. Andrews managed to send Havoc into a chair to slow him down. Andrews got his own chair, but Havoc hit him in the balls. They brawled in the crowd some more, and Andrews hit a splash through a table. Andrews went to climb, but Havoc stopped him again. Andrews managed to give him a super ‘rana through some seated chairs though. Andrews started to climb again, butThe London Riots stopped him. Eddie Dennis and Pete Dunne ran out for the save and hit the Riots with stereo dives. Havoc gave Andrews a ripcord lariat. Havoc then went to help the Riots for some reason instead of winning the match. Andrews climbed the ladder. Instead of winning the match, he did a dive onto everyone on the floor. Andrews is a complete moron. Dunne and Dennis chased the Riots to the back. Andrews and Havoc climbed. A headbutt sent both men to the mat. Andrews sent Havoc through a table. Andrews climbed again and had the match won, but Paul Robinson stopped him. He beat the shit out of Andrews, and helped Havoc recover. Havoc grabbed the clipboard to signal his victory as Robinson continued to beat the shit out of Andrews. That was a wet fart of a finish to a main event and to a show. It was made clear that Robinson had decided to join Havoc’s group of bad guys.

I have such mixed feelings about this match. On one hand, the work from the wrestlers really got me invested and their effort was incredibly admirable. On the other hand, the interference and Paul Robinson swerve at the end was just too much for me. Similar to the four-way tag match, the story lines down the stretch took away from the exiting work done before it.

As I said though, it really must be emphasized the tremendous effort that Andrews and Havoc put into the match. For that alone, the match gets a somewhat positive rating from me.

Match Rating: ***


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