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May 16, 2014 / Ru Gunn

Reno SCUM vs. Inner City Machine Guns from FSW 2014

Post by Ru Gunn:

Ricochet and Rich Swann’s charisma seems to be irrepressible, and they manage to quite literally bounce off Reno Scum here to make them seem like a half-viable monster threat of a team.

This match is marred by inane commentary that fails to enhance the action at several key moments: notably, responding to the majority of Ricochet’s moves as “I don’t even know what to call that!”, and starting a count for a delayed vertical suplex which made it to a grand total of four before Luster got bored and dropped Swann. While the obvious temptation is to try to recreate some of the magic that happens with Inner City Machine Guns at PWG, Reno Scum are no Unbreakable Fucking Machines, and it shows.

Despite these criticisms, this still picks up and has some very fun moments; especially in the final five minutes, where the unnecessarily tall referee gives up attempting to enforce any semblance of order, and there is a flurry of very cool tag team moves. Ricochet is a star like he always is, and if you’re an Inner City fan, you will find something to enjoy here.


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