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May 16, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Chris Hero vs. Colin Delaney from 2CW’s May Day 2014

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

This match main evented the show that took place during the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame’s induction weekend. I happened to be at this show. It was also the match that 2CW chose to show during the #Rawlternative stream. Quite nice of them to put it out there on their own for free.

They grapple early on. Nothing spectacular but there is some sense of struggle in it that is missing far too much in modern indie wrestling. There isn’t a large deal of trading of momentum up front; instead both get a little time to work over the opponent. Hero is the most impressive within it which is not too surprising given his grappling ability.

Hero shakes of an O’Connor Roll and then nails a sick kick to Delaney’s face followed up by one heck of a senton. They start exchanging strikes, Hero in particular laying it in with overhand chops. Delaney knocks Hero to the outside and hits a dive. Having gained control, he starts throwing chops until Hero momentarily stops him in his tracks with a wee punch. Colin is the one that brings the action into the ring but Hero is there with a knee to the face. Hero grabs his foot to kick Delaney in the face. What a hoot! Hero starts really laying it in with strikes. Hero goes for the senton again but Colin gets the knees up. Doesn’t matter cause Hero cuts off Delaney with another WEE PUNCH! Colin doesn’t let Hero get a superplex and smacks Hero’s head against piping above the ring. Colin climbs onto some arch type thing above the ring and DIVES into a big ol’ boot. Both men start throwing moves!  Hero goes for a Death Blow but gets caught with a backslide.

They throw a double handed GRIP bridging section into the match. Delaney gets thrown from Hero’s back but catches Hero with a double kneed jawbreaker and then a flying stunner from the second rope. Hero throws a wicked elbow but Delaney doesn’t go down and tries for a small package that gets two. A Death Blow only gets two. STRIKE EXCHANGE! At least they look like they are throwing hard which is the most important part. The match ends when Hero throws a big ol’ rolling elbow when Delaney is on his knees.

This match has its flaws but nonetheless I found this to be real good. Colin Delaney’s selling is probably the element that holds this match back most from being a truly great match. For someone who has been murdered for the better part of the 15 minute contest it was off seeing him almost completely rejuvenated when on the offensive. Going on to the stuff I really enjoyed! Hero is clearly a lauded indie matworker but Delaney doesn’t get much credit for being a good “base” for these sorts of things. In 2013, him and Matt Hardy of all people hit the mat and garnered my interest far more than if they had tries working an indie match bonanza. One thing I truly loathe in indie wrestling is the feel for a strike exchange but doing so halfheartedly.  Even if I wasn’t thrilled with some selling of them, the fact that both wrestlers looked like they were throwing strong looking strikes instead of throwing pillows was a major plus in my eyes. Good stuff, go watch it.

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