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May 11, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Ethan Page vs. Alessandro Del Bruno from Alpha-1 2014

Post by TJ Hawke:

Ethan Page is such an enigma to me. He’s not without talent and clearly has a large passion for wrestling. I have some issues though. Why is his character a tribute to the Attitude Era?  Why is he not tangibly better in the ring in the last three or four years? Why has his work not evolved? I may be coming off overly harsh about him (or everything in wrestling), but that is just because it is sad to me to see a wrestler with passion and talent become so maligned with fans whose opinions I respect.

With all that said, this is one of the more solid Page matches that I have seen. Page kept his more annoying impulses in check, and Del Bruno worked well with him as the energetic babyface that does cool shit. There were some typical indie issues with the match, as they went way too long and kicked out of some stupid stuff. I know I was not privy to the context of this battle, but I find it hard to believe that kicking out of a turnbuckle brainbuster was necessary. There were ref bumps, phantom pinfalls, interference, and a second ref. All the overbooking got the crowd riled up to be fair, and they popped huge for the title switch. It was all just a bit much for me without any reason to care. (**3/4)


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