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May 6, 2014 / barrylad

Brian Cage vs Willie Mack from Future Stars of Wrestling 2014

Match Analysis by Barry Murphy:

Despite these two having several exciting encounters in PWG and Lucha Underground, the first few minutes of this were seriously lacking in anything resembling a spark. Strikes weren’t connecting especially well, the match felt like it was in slow motion, and the crowd were just politely observing without really engaging. On watching it back, I think perhaps the crowd was a bigger issue than it first appeared – these two are typically adored by either the Temple’s believers or the Reseda faithful, so this was a striking contrast. Two typically bombastic performers, in a very grey setting. It didn’t help that the commentary was a) really lifeless, and b) horribly out of sync for the first half of the match. It just felt several gears below Cage and Mack’s usual frays.

They fixed the audio sync issues for the second half, and the action picked up for the near falls. I’m a fan of both guys, they both have a great presence and an awesome arsenal of moves that set them apart from their similarly proportioned peers, but this just wasn’t one of their best bouts. Cage won when Mack attempted a cradle, but the former Taylor brother countered into one of his own.

Rating: **



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