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April 19, 2014 / CJWilson

The Food Fighters (Bastian Snow & Pasquale) vs. Ninjas with Altitude (Shynron & Kitsune) from ISW Trapped in the Closet 2014

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match took place at ISW’s event Trapped in the Closet, and it was for the ISW Tag Team Titles. The Food Fighters, Pasquale the Italian Chef and Bastian Snow, are the champs, and Ninjas with Altitude, Kitsune and Shynron, are the challengers.

Shynron hits a bouncing slingshot senton on Bastian. Shynron and Kitsune both hit standing moonsaults on Bastian for a 2 count. Bastian hits a belly to belly suplex allowing him to tag in Pasquale. Pasquale channels his inner Warrior and hits a Gorilla Press Slam followed by a running splash for a 2 count. Shynron hits a top rope huricanrana on Bastian and hits a moonsault senton off of Kitsune onto Pasquale. Shynron hits a handspring cutter on both Pasquale and Bastian, and both men roll to the outside. Shynron hits a tope corkscrew onto both men, and Kitsune hits an Asai Moonsault. Pasquale climbs to the top and falls on all 3 men. Shynron hits a 450 off the second, Kitsune hits a Shooting Star off the top, and Shynron hits a 630 off the second, but Pasquale breaks up the pin attempt at 2. Pasquale knocks Shynron off the top rope and hits a one armed powerbomb on Kitsune. Pasquale throws Bastian off the top and Bastian hits a swanton on Kitsune for the 3 count and the win.

A really good match here that features two of my favorite teams. Kitsune and Shynron can do crazy things, and they did just that here. (Side note: I was really depressed when Stu’s Kitchen got cancelled because Pasquale is awesome.) I also love how Bastian Snow uses his shell as a weapon. The finish had Bastian connect with his pointy shell onto Kitsune’s stomach. I always liked how it did loom like the 450/SSP/630 combo looked like it will be it. Usually when your partner comes in for a save, the guy getting pinned still tries to kick out, but Bastian looked dead so it seemed that the match would have been over if it was not for Pasquale.

Chris Wilson


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