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April 13, 2014 / CJWilson

Mike Bailey vs. Buxx Belmar from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Chris Wilson:

This Secret Show takes place the day after Best of the Best 2014 at the CZW Academy. Both Buxx Belmar and Mike Bailey participated in that year’s BOTB, but Bailey was one of the most impressive in that tournament. The 2014 BOTB may have been the beginning of Mike Bailey’s rise.

The match starts with Buxx Belmar attempting his usual filthy tactics, but neither man can get control. Mike Bailey gains control after Buxx accidentally spits on the ref. Buxx licks the spit off the ref’s shirt which allows Bailey to knock him down with a high kick to the chest. Bailey hits a springboard headscissors takedown followed be repeated kicks to Buxx’s chest that led to a 1 count after Bailey rolled him up with a magistral cradle. Buxx catches a kick and spits in Bailey’s face allowing him to hit a double knee gutbuster on Bailey for a 2 count. Buxx snapmares Bailey out of the corner and hits a groin attack for a 2 count. Buxx attempts to lick Bailey’s feet, but this gave Bailey an opening to light Buxx up with kicks only for Buxx to take control by putting his thumbs in Bailey’s eyes. Bailey powers back with a kick to the chest and a step-up enziguri, but Buxx slams Bailey headfirst into the second turnbuckle after Bailey missed a pump kick. Buxx hits a giant groin attack while Bailey is hunched over the second turnbuckle. Buxx follows up with a German for a 2 count. Buxx goes for another double knee gutbuster, but Bailey lands on his feet and connects with double knees to Buxx’s lower abdomen. Bailey then hits a standing moonsault double knee drop for a 2 count. Bailey tries to follow up with possibly another springboard headscissors takedown, but Buxx catches him and hits a flipping sidewalk slam for another 2 count. Bailey connects with a heel kick and follows up with a running corkscrew shooting star press, but Buxx is able to roll him up for a 2 count. Buxx runs off the ropes but Bailey catches him with a standing moonsault fallaway slam for the 3 count and the win.

A good match here that was really enjoyable. I know there are a lot of people that do not like Buxx Belmar because of all the gross stuff he does, but there really was nothing too gross in this match so you can definitely watch this match as his filthiness was turned down a bit here.

Chris Wilson


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