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April 13, 2014 / Stephen D Gaunt

Chuck Mambo vs. Mark Hendry from PROGRESS Wrestling 2014

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

This is another match to qualify for the Natural Progression tournament from the same show as Shen Woo vs. Lucha Dave. Thankfully, this is much better.

Chuck Mambo is a “ludicrously popular young man” and don’t the crowd know it. They are involved with this match constantly.

Even though this is the Mambo show, Hendry holds up his side of the match with some nice offence even though there are one or two flubs. Nothing major and he shows some nice adjusting during a dropkick. It’s pretty 50/50, and the pace is brisk.

Mambo No 5 is hit which is five kicks with the final one being a superkick. It’s a clever variaton on the kick combo, and Lou Bega being mentioned is the punchline.

Hendry misses a quebrada to the inside and is finished off with a surfboard into a pin.

Maybe it’s because I really like a lot of what Progress and Endvr put out or maybe it’s because Mambo No 5 is one of my Karaoke faves but I really enjoyed this. It’s bright, it’s breezy, and it’s fun stuff.

Watch it.


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